How do we want to use 3800 km of heavy rail network?

The third edition of the Forum ÖV Planung will take place on 19 and 20 June 2024. Again with an excursion on the first day and the symposium on the second day. This time, the excursion will take us to the french part of Switzerland to visit Lausanne's public transit company and the freight transport company RailCare. The presentations at the symposium will revolve around the topic: "How do we want to use the 3800 km of heavy railway network in Switzerland in the future?"


Excursion June 19th 2024

The excursion on Wednesday, 19 June 2024 will take place in western Switzerland. In the morning, our journey will take us to Lausanne, where we will visit Transport Public Lausannois and gain an insight into the company's operations and current projects. In addition to travelling on the Automatic Train Operation Metro (ATO), we will visit important transport hubs, tram and high-performance bus projects. (Bus à haut niveau de service BHNS) In addition, Christophe Jemelin, a member of the Executive Board, will inform us about the current and future development of services and present the relevant major projects.

In the afternoon, we will focus on freight transport and visit the «Aclens Hub» of Railcare, Coop's rail freight subsidiary. Railcare CEO Philipp Wegmüller will take time for us, provide an up-to-date insight into the current projects and contribute the perspective of an inland freight forwarder with its capacity requirements.seinen Kapazitätsbedürfnissen.

Thursday 20.06.2024 will be the Symposium

We'll start at 09h15 in the Centre Löwenberg and plan to have the closing drinks at 16h45.

Speakers include:

  • Welcome address by Nicolas Ecoffey, Head of Corparate Development SBB

  • International expectations and solutions for the use of mainline railway infrastructure with a view from neighbouring countries by

    • Alessandro Zoratti, Head of Strategy and Sustainability, Trenitalia

    • Wolfgang Köstinger, Head of Rail Technology & Operational Performance, ÖBB-Holding

  • A national perspective with freight transport glasses and on the ways in which network infrastructures can or should be regulated and organised by

    • Connie Heizmann und Jessica Schmidt, Co-Lead Transport Excellence, Post

    • Matthias Finger, Political Scientist, Auhor of "Infrastruktur Schweiz"

  • Visions about where mobility in Switzerland could be heading in 2050 and what options are being explored in other countries for the use of full rail transport

    • Annette Antz-Schwarz, Responsable integrated longterm Planning, SBB and
      Dominic Stucki, Portfolio of public transport system projects, SBB Infrastructure

    • Ariel Jorre de St. Jorre, Transport for Greater Manchester, Strategic Development Manager and
      Simon Coulthard, Network Rail, Head of Light Rail Knowledge & Development

  • For the last two speeches we will find out how a canton expects the development of public transport and the mainline railway and what conclusions SBB draws from the inputs of the symposium

    • Julien Niquille, Manager of Public transport Projects and Planning, Canton Vaud

    • Peter Kummer, Head of Infrastructure, SBB

  • And finally, we switch to a small perspective before continuing the discussions over drinks with

    • Yves Marclay, CEO RegionAlps

As of the beginning of March, we have 90 registrations from a wide circle - more than half of the participants come from outside SBB and represent the entire industry from Switzerland with various cantonal representatives, other railways and public transport companies (BLS, SOB, Thurbo, VBZ, ...), universities, companies (SMA, citec, Siemens, Quattron, ...) also international guests from DB, ProRail, ÖBB, Network Rail.we can already confirm the following programme items. The programme will be completed in the coming weeks.


Centre Loewenberg

Löwenberg 45B, Murten
3280 Murten

Review 2022.

The railway in the field of tension between increasing demands and scarce resources.


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